Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

garcinia cambogia dosageGarcinia Cambogia is nothing but a plant species, whose fruit has capabilities of losing weight easily and effectively. Numerous weight loss supplement manufacturing companies deal in using this product for manufacturing of pills and other medicines. They use the fruit extracts containing HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) in the preparation of weight loss supplements and pills. HCA is known to block fat absorption and suppress appetite besides keeping the stomach fuller for longer periods. Because of such characteristics only, Garcinia Cambogia UK has been widely used as a constituent in weight loss medications. Garcinia Cambogia products available with us are FDA approved, tested and help you attain that desired body shape and figure in the minimum time span.

If you are also planning to lose weight using these pills, then you must be aware of Garcinia Cambogia dosage as well.

Below are mentioned two methodologies via which you can incorporate Garcinia Cambogia products in to your supplements:

  • You can consume the medicine in liquid form through weight loss syrups – If you are taking Garcinia Cambogia in liquid form, then you need to make sure that it contains no less than approximately fifty percent of HCA. Its dosage involves intake of approximately 1ml or at least 20 drops of the Garcinia Cambogia liquid, about ten to twenty minutes before your meal. Also, make sure that after consuming the liquid, you should neither eat nor drink for about 15 minutes.
  • You can consume them in the form of small capsules or pills – If you are taking Garcinia Cambogia UK in the form of capsules or pills, make sure that the product contains no less than a minimum of fifty percent of HCA. This is the minimum recommended Garcinia Cambogia dosage for effective and desired weight loss. You need to take these capsules with a glass full of water, approximately about thirty to sixty minutes before each meal. Actually, your basic target should be to consume about 500 mg to 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia before each of your meals.

Make it a point to consume your medications, whatever they are, as per the appropriate dosage suggested by your physicians. If you aren’t following the dosage guidelines properly, you are liable to put all your efforts in vain.

According to numerous researches done by a whole range of experienced scientists and trained doctors, it has been proven that regular consumption of Garcinia Cambogia at the specified timings and in right amount can allow a person to shed down approximately 10 pounds a month of his/her body weight. Moreover, the best part is that you aren’t required to make any substantial changes in your daily lifestyle routine as well. So, to achieve best results for this medicine, it is often advised to consume the same in the right amounts and right dosage.

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